Travel & Expense Management makes expense handling easy

Snap pictures of receipts with your phone and upload for instant approval and digital archiving.


Snap the receipt

Your staff member may simply take a pic of their expense receipts using a phone and fill in a few fields in the app. Then, the receipts become visible in the online approval portal.


Flexible registration

The flexible solution makes it possible to take a snap of the receipt and complete the registration on a desktop or laptop PC back at the office.


It's a match

The picture of the receipt is saved in the archive until the credit card transaction automatically arrives in the app, and the image and card transaction are matched.


Easy mileage reporting

Mileage is entered directly into the app. Mileage is then presented in the online portal for approval.


Online approval

When a receipt or mileage registration has been sent for approval, the approver is notified and may approve it. You can approve anywhere by accessing the approval portal via PC, tablet or phone.


PDF receipts are saved in the app

If you receive a receipt by email in PDF format, you can save it directly in the app from the email client.


Ready for posting

As soon as an expense or mileage has been approved, it is ready for posting in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.


Expenses can be linked to jobs

Expenses can be linked to a job in Dynamics 365 Business Central. Expenses can be viewed in the job accounts and invoiced to the customer.


Digital archive

Travel & Expense Management makes it easy to locate old receipts. They are saved and stored in a digital archive.