Improve your Accounts Payables process with Invoice Workflow

No more time-consuming invoicing tasks or ring binders full of old invoices. Invoice Workflow will save you both time and trouble.

Automate your accounts payable function and save time


Automatic data extraction

Invoice Workflow downloads data from the invoice i.e. due date, amount and price, and it sends the information to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central automatically.


Reads all formats

Invoice Workflow reads all formats, and it downloads the invoice data automatically - no matter whether the invoice is received on paper, PDF, XML, OIOXML or OIOUBL


Matches with purchase orders

Invoice Workflow checks to see if there are any invoice duplicates, and it matches invoices with purchase orders.


More cost control

Invoice Workflow makes it easy to configure and change procuration and amount limits. It saves you time in managing who can approve and for how much.


Approval notification via email

Each user has access to their own approval portal and will receive an email from Invoice Workflow when an invoice is ready for approval.


Approve online

The user approves invoices on the web portal, where you can also see the latest five invoices from the same supplier, send the invoice to someone else for review, or reject it.


Timely payment ensured

The app ensures that you always know where each invoice is in the system, which means that all invoices are paid on time, avoiding penalty charges.


Digital archive

It is easy to get invoices when handling shortcomings or closing of the fiscal year and to view all invoices from the same supplier directly in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.


There is more to the cloud

Invoice Workflow is in the cloud, so you are always running the latest version. You simply pay a fixed monthly price based on how many purchase invoices you need to process.